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    • Winter Travels in Southeastern Ontario

      Kate and Yasser have been travelling throughout Southeastern Ontario the last few weeks for an evaluation project. They took some time to enjoy the scenery and thought they’d share a glimpse of their travels with you!       Read more →

    • International Year of Evaluation

      The International Year of Evaluation is Here! When is it? Now! 2015 was officially declared as the International Year of Evaluation (EvalYear) at the Third International Conference on National Evaluation Capacities held in Brazil in 2013. What is it?The goal of designating 2015 as the EvalYear is to advocate and promote evaluation and evidence-based policy making at international, regional, national, and local levels. Why take part? 2015 is a big year for evaluation! EvalYear will position evaluation in the global Read more →

    • Bring Back the Census

      A private members’ bill to bring back the long-form census and to expand the authority of the Chief Statistician of Canada was brought before parliament by Liberal MP Ted Hsu this past September and will be going for its second hour of debate on January 29, 2015. Serious concern has been expressed by the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES), researchers, policymakers, companies, non-profit organizations, and private citizens across Canada about the 2011 decision by the federal government to eliminate the mandatory Read more →