We’re up for the EvalPartners Innovation Challenge

Published on August 6, 2013 in Buzz, News

Hot off the press! We’ve just learned that a submission to the EvalPartners Innovation Challenge, featuring a Cathexis contribution, was successfully short listed.  So, you may be wondering what exactly is the Innovation Challenge? We’ll fill you in…

EvalPartners, the global partnership to strengthen national evaluation capacities, recently put forth the Innovation Challenge for Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs).  This challenge asked for innovative ideas to strengthen the demand for and use of evaluation to inform policy making, including in the context and spirit of EvalYear, the international year of evaluation.

Since this was a pretty exciting proposition, Rochelle Zorzi of Cathexis (member of the Canadian Evaluation Society and the American Evaluation Association) partnered with Burt Perrin (member of the Canadian Evaluation Society and European Evaluation Society) and Serge Eric Yakeu (representing the Cameroon Development Evaluation Association and the  African Evaluation Association) put forth a submission. Our collaborative submission proposed to develop a book of evaluation stories from around the world.  These stories will show how powerful the positive impacts of evaluation can be.

Congratulations to all five finalists from the first round. We look forward to working with Burt, Serge and other partners from around the world as we fully develop and submit this proposal for the next round in September, 2013. This is an exciting time for evaluation and Rochelle is proud to be part of it.