Developing Performance Measures Through a Consultative Process

Published on August 13, 2013 in Events, News, Workshops & Presentations

At the 2013 Canadian Evaluation Society Conference, Martha McGuire and Melissa McGuire of Cathexis, along with Charene Gillis, formerly of the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario (ADO), shared their experience developing quality of life performance measures in a consultative way.   The ADO is interested in knowing whether the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act is really making a difference for people with disabilities.  So they needed to hear what people with disabilities found important.

This presentation provides an overview of the process use to develop the performance indicators.  This process built on the existing literature and received input from people with disabilities about what contributed to a good quality of life for them.  Ultimately, there the ADO needed to decide what to measure.  A priority sort process helped select the indicators in structured and purposeful way. It allowed both the ADO and people with disabilities to present their perspectives.

To see the full presentation, please visit the conference’s slideshare site.