Melissa McGuire

Melissa McGuirePartner

B.A., LL.B., CE

Melissa is a partner at Cathexis, and has been working full-time with the firm since 2003. She is a Credentialed Evaluator (recognized by the Canadian Evaluation Society) with over 15 years of evaluation experience and has carried out more than 100 evaluation projects. She has contributed extensively to the field, regularly presenting on new and innovative evaluation approaches and mentoring emerging evaluators.

Melissa’s education in law is unique among evaluators and is of great value to the Cathexis team, as it not only provides her with a deft understanding of legislation and its application, as well as policy development and analysis, but it also ensures the team has a knowledgeable resource to consult on matters relating to privacy protection, confidentiality, and legal risk as they arise. She is respected for her collaborative client-focused approach, ensuring that evaluations produce information that is truly useful. An excellent communicator and skilled writer, she is able to effectively communicate even the most complex evaluation findings with clarity, confidence, and conviction. Her engaging communication style enhances stakeholder understanding and supports action-oriented decision-making.

Contributions to Evaluation

Melissa has developed and delivered workshops to other evaluators and professionals at Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) and other conferences on evaluation and data collection with vulnerable populations.

She has presented to the Ontario Library Association on building evidence-informed innovation and decision-making into library operations (2017).

She presents annually to clinicians about how evaluation can support Knowledge Translation (KT) activities (since 2016).

She has been working with a team of consultants to develop Priority Sort, a collaborative priority setting method, which she introduced to the evaluation community in 2011. In 2013, she presented at the CES annual conference in Toronto about how this consultative process was used to identify quality of life indicators for people with disabilities.

In 2009, she spear-headed a study of evaluator compensation across Canada; the results of which were presented at the 2010 CES annual conference in Victoria, British Columbia.


  • Access to justice
  • Community development
  • Law and public policy
  • Health policy and programming
  • Social justice and equity

Professional Memberships

Canadian Evaluation Society (CES)

American Evaluation Society (AEA)

Social Impact Analysts Association (SIAA)

Contact Information

Phone: 416-469-9954 x242