Countdown to CES conference in St. John’s

Published on May 24, 2016 in Buzz, Events, News, Workshops & Presentations

We’re counting down the days to the National Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) conference in St. John’s Newfoundland (June 5-8).  Great theme this year – Evaluation on the edge.

Rochelle is presenting on the Evaluations that Make a Difference: Stories from around the world project.  She will share stories of evaluations that have led to changes in people’s lives and present the lessons that emerged from across the stories about how to undertake evaluation so that it is more likely to result in positive change.

Oh, and did we also need to mention that Rochelle is right pleased to be going back to St. John’s, where her evaluation career started. (It would be ever so kind if you didn’t mention that the last CES conference in St. John’s was actually 18 years ago – it seems like only yesterday for Rochelle.)