Working in Evaluation in the Private Sector

Published on December 1, 2007 in Workshops & Presentations

What is it like to work in evaluation in the private sector? How do evaluators learn? What is their ‘natural habitat’?

In 2007, Cathexis presented on various aspects of working in evaluation in the private sector, namely the evaluator’s profesional development pathway and the evaluator’s ‘natural habitat’.

As evaluators, we need to keep learning to maintain our competence and keep up-to-date on developments and practices in the field. Many evaluators work as independent consultants, in small evaluation firms, or in small evaluation departments within larger organizations. These environments can present challenges for professional development, such as lack of mentors, limited time available, and limited resources for attending workshops and other training. How do evaluators learn and develop their skills in small organizations?

Members of the Cathexis team participated in a panel discussion at the 2007 CES annual conference. The panel provided an overview of general barriers and strategies for learning in small workplaces, as well as examples of practical learning strategies that the panelists have used in the past.

At the 2007 annual conference of the Ontario Chapter of CES, Rochelle Zorzi shared her story about becoming an evaluator.