Priority Sort Article Published

Published on November 26, 2011 in Buzz, News, Reports & Articles

Do you have trouble setting evaluation priorities? Sometimes it can be difficult to select performance indicators or decide which aspects of a program or initiative will be included in an evaluation.

If that sounds like you, be sure to make time to read The Group Priority Sort: A Participatory Decision-Making Tool for Healthcare Leaders published in Volume 14, Issue 4 of Healthcare Quarterly. Published in October, 2011, the article was authored by Adina Jacobsen, Melissa McGuire, Rochelle Zorzi, Mandy Lower, Ivy Oandasan and Kathryn Parker.

The group priority sort provides a mechanism for healthcare leaders and other evaluation users to draw upon the unique knowledge and opinions of stakeholders in order to inform decision making.  The group priority sort tool is useful in a variety of situations, including selecting performance measures for a balanced scorecard, deciding on employee compensation packages, or developing clinical guidelines.

This article offers an overview of the group priority sort method, including its strengths and limitations, particularly in comparison to another often used approach, the Delphi method.  This article also provides an example of the group priority sort method in action.