Resources you’ll love: Video introduction to knowledge translation

Published on February 24, 2014 in Buzz, Favourite Resources, News

Resource: Introduction to Knowledge Translation (2012)

Producer: The Capacity Enhancement Program of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

This 4 ½ minute video provides a great overview of the Knowledge to Action Cycle developed by Ian Graham and his colleagues (affectionately known as the KTA cycle). The KTA cycle is one of the more commonly-used knowledge translation frameworks in Ontario’s health sector.

This is a great resource for those who are doing knowledge translation, and who want a framework to support their efforts. It explains the key steps, describing what you need to do at each step, and providing concrete examples. We especially like that the video describes what each step looks like when it is done well (for example, it describes a knowledge tool as “a summary of the knowledge that’s in a clear, concise, user-friendly and implementable format”).

Though the video is geared to health care, viewers from other backgrounds won’t have any trouble understanding the concepts or applying them to their own area of work.

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