Applied Research

Put Knowledge to Work

Applied research aims to generate new knowledge for practical purposes. For example, it can be used to:

  • Support more appropriate programming through an improved understanding of the characteristics, needs and experiences of a community
  • Improve programming by identifying “effective practices” in addressing a specific social or environmental issue
  • Inform policy change through a better understanding of underlying conditions that are contributing to a social or environmental phenomenon
  • Inform the development of a measurement tool by developing a more detailed operational definition of an abstract concept
  • Influence referrals by creating an inventory of existing policies, programs, and practices

Use the Right Tools

We have extensive experience conducting applied research using such methods as:

  • Document and literature reviews
  • Internet and media scans
  • Focus groups
  • Site visits
  • Observation
  • In-person and telephone interviews
  • Telephone, paper, and online surveys
  • PhotoVoice
  • Group Priority Sort