Performance Measurement

Simplified program model - shows linear progression from inputs to activities to outputs to outcomes

Track Performance

Performance measurement involves the regular collection and reporting of information about inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and contextual factors.

Performance information is often presented in a visual dashboard, using graphs to highlight trends over time.

Manage Better

A good performance measurement system can help you:

  • Adjust course quickly in response to early warning signs
  • Try new activities and see how they impact outcomes (continuous quality improvement)
  • Assess performance against benchmarks or targets
  • Identify successes to be celebrated
  • Communicate results to stakeholders

Performance measurement data can also contribute to, and greatly strengthen, an evaluation.

A Measurement System that Works for You

Cathexis consultants can help you select a meaningful set of performance measures and set up a practical system for collecting, analysing, communicating, and using performance data.

We can also review your current performance measurement system for common weaknesses (e.g., inaccurate or incomplete data, perverse incentives, misalignment with goals, lack of stakeholder buy-in), and help you make any needed changes.

We will ensure that your performance measurement system:

  • Is aligned with your program model, strategy and goals
  • Is relatively easy to implement and sustain
  • Is understood by those who use it
  • Provides trustworthy information
  • Provides useful information

Getting Started